Ask Dr. Salubrious by Ally42


Dear Doctor Salubrious,
Do you know what to do when nobody finds you interesting? Its just that, all my life, I have been a perfectly fine normal person but nobody has ever found me particularly interesting. I have never done that good in school or outstandingly bad in school, been particularly marvellously passionate about anything, outstandingly talented, witty, popular, weird, anything at all really. People like me, and my parents love me and think I’m wonderful and stuff, but parents basically have to love you and think you’re wonderful and stuff. I just feel like I am a normal, mildly uninteresting, mildly unintelligent person with a normal, mildly uninteresting life, and I will finish school and have an uninteresting life and work in an office or something and watch football and die feeling like the only thing special about me was that I was outstandingly uninteresting. Because it is. I have a few people who I spend time with, but everyone else has other friends who they would rather spend time with. And I don’t blame them. I am just not exceptionally fun to be around. I am just not interesting. My friend even said I’m an awesome friend and I’m awesome to talk to and stuff but I’m just “a guy who he talks to about uninteresting stuff”. And he’s right, I never have the mental capacity to talk about interesting stuff. I’m not important. My mental capacity isn’t important. Not to be dramatic, like it isn’t a huge deal and I’m not like really like crying or anything, but it sucks and yeah its really deeply bothering me and it has been for a while now. Like what do I have? Other people in my school have something that I don’t. They will be respected and stuff. But at the same time, I like my life the way it is;


Dear Borgin,
There are more than seven billion people in the world. Some of them are famous, and written about in magazines, and have their faces glued onto the walls of the rooms of hundreds of other people, even though these people who are gluing faces to their walls are no less interesting than the people with the worshipped faces themselves. Some people fly around in private jets all day while they make documentaries about global warming. Some people like taking pictures of their cats and putting them on Instagram. Some people like watching unsettling science fiction movies more than nearly anything else. Some people dislike watching unsettling science fiction movies more than nearly anything else. Some people make their living working in a bank. Some people make their living off bullfighting. Some people make their living off of designing labels for different types of jam. Everyone sees themselves differently, and everyone sees others differently. If YOU feel like you are not happy with who you are, Borgin, than you can change that. If YOU feel like there is nothing interesting in your life, then search for something that interests you and follow it. But if you love your life the way it is, and are feeling insecure about yourself because of like, the things that your friends have said, then don’t be so hard on yourself; embrace your life the way you love it, regardless of whats-his-face saying it’s boring. And that can be the hardest thing to do, Borgin, but when you think about it what’s-his-face doesn’t actually know anything. Don’t be hard on yourself; because basically you are living and that is awesome.
-Dr. Salubrious
NOTE: Dr. Salubrious (AKA Ally42) is not an actual medical doctor. She is, however, highly skilled in telling it like it is.