Cover Art

Want to design the cover of the next issue? A cover can be:

  • a deliberate design created especially for this newspaper
  • an existing piece of artwork that complements the content of this issue
  • a photograph that complements the content of this issue.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you’re up for the challenge, it’s yours for the taking, just contact


  • The Mind’s Eye is 26.5cm wide by 27.5cm high so artwork should be in proportion to that space
  • Images should be of a high enough resolution for print (600 dpi is a good rule).
  • Files should be TIFs or PDFs.

Of course, we don’t just publish cover art. Any artwork you want to see in print can be published for its own sake in the Mind’s Eye.  If you’d like to see your artwork, graphic design, drawing, comic, or sketch in the next issue, just scan your work and send as a high resolution .tiff or .pdf to or bring it to reception at 290 Bastion St. and we’ll scan it for you.


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