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Publish All the Things!

Wondering what you can send in? Well, if it can be printed, texted, emailed or scanned, it’s probably a go. The Mind’s Eye will publish your:

We will publish your favourite things, all ages events, comics, fist-shaking rants, paintings, interviews, fiction, top 10 lists, opinions, puzzles, photos, cover designs, sports reports, graphics, feature articles, musings, news stories, manifestos, how-to articles, recipes, poetry, reviews, outrageous truths, letters, horoscopes, sketches, doodles, stream of consciousness ramblings, action shots, mind-bending revelations, intriguing facts and random thoughts.

So if you’ve ever dreamed of being a published writer, photographer, designer, artist, reviewer, entertainer or community leader, feel free to QUIT DREAMING and see where your imagination takes you.

The Mind’s Eye publishes features, profiles, reviews, creative writing, art, cover art, photos, and comics by Nanaimo youth aged 13 – 25. Please email submissions to

Submission Guidelines:

  1. All contributors must be between the ages of 13 and 25 and live in the Nanaimo Regional District.
  2. All written work should be saved as a .doc or .txt file and sent as an attachment to
  3. All images should be of high enough resolution for print (600 DPI is recommended) and saved as TIFF or PDF files.
  4. The filename of the document you’re submitting should be the title of the piece.
  5. The text of the document you’re submitting should be copied and pasted into the body of  your email as well, in case there is a problem with the file.  This also gives the editor the opportunity to read your submission quickly.
  6. A brief note on what we don’t print: As of right now, we can’t do 3D. We also can’t fit articles over 1300 words or poems over 50 lines. Other things we don’t have room for: swearing, hate and plagiarism. Other than that, we’re pretty much good and so are you.
  7. We reserve the right to edit all articles and submissions for length and content.
  8. We also reserve the right to refuse articles and submissions.

Art and Cover Art

If you want to see your photography, artwork, graphic design, drawing, comic or sketch in the next issue, email a high resolution .tiff or .pdf  of your work OR bring it to 290 Bastion St and we’ll scan it for you. Designers who want to create an original cover design have a 26.5 cm wide by 27.5 cm high space to work with, contact for details.

Your idea here…

The Mind’s Eye can contain just about anything you can dream up so if you have an idea for something you want to see in print, a cause you want to promote or a thought that needs expression, you can make it happen:

If you have more questions about deadlines or how to submit your work, just ask!