Idle No More: Drumbeat to Understanding by Jesse


As a participant in Idle No More, I have witnessed a lot of the reactions to the movement from the general public as well as a lot of counter-reactions on the Idle No More side. A lot of the time these reactions are a certain form of aggression and it almost seems fit to fight fire with fire, to confront aggression with more aggression. While this may be the immediate reaction, it is not the most appropriate. When someone says “Those guys don’t even know what they’re arguing about!” the best response is through kindness. Perhaps ask if they’re willing to discuss the issue in a manner that looks to enlighten as opposed to a yelling match. There is no time for getting ourselves into pointless arguments, that is just another form of idling. One of the goals of Idle No More, or as it’s been shown in other forms, Idle Know More, is enlightenment, for everyone to understand the situations of life we all share. There is always something to learn, and I believe that by engaging in enlightening conversations we’ll all come to an understanding of our differences and similarities so that we can learn to respect each other as human beings.

– Jesse Recalma


One thought on “Idle No More: Drumbeat to Understanding by Jesse

  1. I agree whole heartedly. I see moments when someone makes an uneducated biased comment to have a conversation and share some of what I know in regards to FN history and the current political climate. If we react with anger, we then lose the opportunity to build a bridge of understanding.

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