The Mind’s Eye has been published by Nanaimo Youth Services with support from the Nanaimo Daily News and the Government of BC since 1998.

Though we don’t rely on advertising, we are open to trades for goods and services that directly benefit the youth who work hard to create each issue. If you’d like to sponsor a contest or otherwise support the young artists and journalists who contribute to the Mind’s Eye every month, these are our rate guidelines and ad sizes:

Black and White

  • Full Page (9.4 in. wide by 9.6 in. high) = $425
  • 1/2 Page (4.6 in. wide by 9.6 in. high OR 9.4 wide by 5 high) = $275
  • 1/4 Page (4.6 inches by 4.6 inches) = $125


  • Full colour Back Page: $625

Other things to know:

Please send your .tiff or .pdf file to mindseye@nysa.bc.ca.  For most issues, the deadline will be the third or fourth Sunday of the month.

Our 20 page tabloid has a circulation of 7,000 copies per month, is delivered to thousands of homes with the Nanaimo Daily News and is available in highschools from Ladysmith to Qualicum.  The Mind’s Eye is the only local newspaper published exclusively by and for youth in the mid-island area.