DMC Redesign is Dramatic

This year in gaming has been a marvelous display of franchise redesign. The number of HD remakes released in 2012 is a large one, with things like the Zone of Enders HD collection, the Ratchet and Clank Collection, and the Jak & Daxter collection. Now, in the first month if 2013, the newest edition of the Devil May Cry franchise has been released. Simply titled “DMC”, Devil May cry reintroduces the characters of the first game in a new world. The look of the characters has been completely redesigned, along with the terrains, weapons, and enemies. The graphical quality has been increased dramatically, taking full advantage of both PC and console hardware to create a beautifully-rendered world with fantastic pre-rendered cutscenes to break up the action with story content. The writing staff for this iteration of the game has done a great job building a new world for these characters to inhabit, and at the end, I wanted more. While the previous version of Dante was half-demon, in this reboot, he is half angel and half demon. With this, Dante has the ability to use demon and angel weaponry, to emphasize the redesigned but equally fluid and cinematic combat experience. Weapons can be swapped on the fly, allowing you to combo straight between your sword, guns, or special weapons by simply holding a button. The game scores you based the success and speed of your attack combos, and allows you to swap between fast, less powerful weapons and slow, hard-hitting weapons for a greater range of scoring chances. There are seven ranks for each combo, from D to SSS rank. Also arriving soon in the form of downloadable content, the “Devil’s Tower” mode has you climbing a tower full of enemies, where each floor ramps up the difficulty curve. The game has received positive scores from critics across the board, and is available on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and for PC.

By Sam