Help! I’m Trapped in a Boring Robot Life!

Dear Dr. Salubrious,

I went to high school in Nanaimo and now my parents are making me stay in Nanaimo for University. I need a new place, a fresh start but I can’t afford to move anywhere. I am going to live the same dummy life here my whole life and not be a flourishing happy member of society and I’m going to always follow the same mundane cycle of living like a person with a boring robot life. I want to be a flourishing member of society!!

– Schateil

Hi Schateil,

Well we certainly don’t want you feeling trapped in a “boring robot life”, and I’m glad that you are so repulsed by the idea of that, because the first step of not living a boring robot life is not wanting to live a boring robot life. And not everyone doesn’t want to live a boring robot life. It’s also great that you are so keen on being a flourishing member of society, but perhaps these things are not as dependent on your geographical location as you feel! If you go into University believing that you can not flourish where you are, than you are creating a mental barrier for yourself and increasing the reality of what you fear- being trapped in a stagnant life. But you sound like you’re pretty smart Schateil, so I think that if you just get out there and believe that Nanaimo (though I understand aspects the greater appeal of somewhere like Victoria or Vancouver with more new various things to explore) does have excitement to offer you (it does), then you will be awesome!

– Dr.Salubrious

NOTE: Dr. Salubrious (AKA Ally42) is not an actual medical doctor, though she may become one someday. She is also not a robot, nor will she ever be.