Top Ten Surprisingly Good Movies of 2012

2012 was a great year for movies.  A lot of blockbusters came out and many of them would be obvious to put on this list, such as the Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers, but I wanted to showcase some great movies that people might have missed.

10. This is 40.
This is a movie from Judd Aptow. It’s long for a comedy but it deals with some pretty dramatic subjects. I think a lot of people miss the beauty in it.

9. Chronicle.
Hand held camera and found footage movies can be done good and bad. This movie does it in a way where the camera is very much a part of the story. People are aware of the camera and the technique lends itself quite nicely to the story of three modern teenagers who gain superpowers.

8. Jeff who Lives at Home.
Jason Segal and Ed Helms do a great job in this movie. It has a fresh directing style and the story is really compelling considering how dialogue heavy it is. This movie definitely dabbles in the “everything happens for a reason” concept which makes for a good film.

7. Cabin in the Woods.
This movie is pure genius. If you’re a fan of horror movies, this is definitely very smart take on the genre and very unpredictable.

6. Moonrise Kingdom.
This is a quirky and smart movie. It’s almost as if it were made for kids but kids wouldn’t quite get it. The universe that the characters live in is straight out of a cartoon but they deal with adult subjects seamlessly.

5. Prometheus.
I could talk about this movie all day and if you watch and read between the lines, it gets even better.

4. Les Miserables.
This movie is not for everyone but if you like musicals or if you want to see something new, definitely check it out.

3. Wreck it Ralph.
This is just a really fun movie and if you’re into retro video games, it’s a must see. The voice acting is amazing and it gets pretty heavy emotionally at times. Also, the opening short is worth the price of a ticket.

2. Looper.
I had high hopes for Looper. It was slower then I expected but I didn’t mind because I was so engaged in the story.

1. Argo.
Ben Affleck is the director of the year for me. He did a great job with Argo: it deals with a dramatic story, the acting is great and there’s some incredible talent involved. It deserves the number one spot on any top ten list.

– By Christian