Mr. Goshness

WHO: Mr. Goshness is a five piece progressive pop rock band from Nanaimo BC. The band consists of Mark Tardif (vocals, guitar), Kaliandra Capri (vocals, guitar), and Patrick Courtin (keys) along with an alternating rhythm section.

WHAT: Jim Blair, their producer, describes Mr. Goshness as “a deranged cocktail of pop, progressive metal, and Kurt Weil show tunes.” Catchy vocals, heavy guitars and creative arrangements are abundant on the debut album they’re currently recording with producer Jim Blair at Ape Island Sound, and Todd Dunsmore at his new studio in Lantzville A productive and creatively fulfilling job. A few bands that have really influenced their writing and the way they sound are: Mother Mother, The Dear Hunter, Muse, Periphery, and Said the Whale.

WHERE AND WHEN: Mr. Goshness will be opening for Said The Whale on Friday, February 8th, at the Nanaimo Entertainment Center.

WHY: “We love making music simply because it’s our passion. We aspire to make music that not only music lovers will enjoy, but that musicians themselves can appreciate.”

mr. goshness

Mr. Goshness will play with Said the Whale and Run With the Heard on Feb 8 at the Nanaimo Entertainment Centre.