life has been hard
but i have you now
it’s been a struggle
but you’re there to help me through
people seem to never give me a chance
but you did and you care
the world has always been on my shoulders
but you help ease the weight
people stare at me with hate
but you stare at me with love
they poke and prod
but you hug and support
they never try
but you won’t give up
they don’t make me feel like i belong
but you make it all the better
they hate and loathe
but you love me all the same
give it up they say
but never back down is what you do
they are all negative
but you’re on the positive
they are all innocent
but we know they aren’t
they leave others behind
but we pick them up if they fall
they are completely different
but we are all similar

our lives we live are intertwined
and that is how it should be
as one

you’ve shown me how to live
they’ve shown me hell
you’ve loved me from the start even if you’re too young to know
they never gave me a chance
life was never easy
but you made it much better
I never want to lose you
for losing you would end my world
if i knew you were gone
i’d never sleep again
i’d never be happy
and i’ll never stop crying
because you are the people that make me who i am
and i love because you care
you’re more than just friends to me
you’re family and i love you with all my heart
i’ll never let you go

our lives we live are intertwined
and that is how it should be
as one

– By Leo