Delusional Phantasm


The cold air nipped at his skin as he sat on the roof outside his bedroom window. His cheeks were flushed from the cold and the frost around him, but he barely noticed. His eyes never strayed from the rising sun.

His hand was laid open on the roof. There was no mistaking the feeling of fingers firmly interlocked with his own. The slight pulse of a heartbeat against his wrist. The head gently leaning against his shoulder. The body pressed up against his side. The feeling of lips pressing against his shoulder every now and then. The slight tingle as their hair accidentally brushed against his neck. Even though he never once looked at them – it was enough to know that they were there with him. And that the slight squeeze of his hand was enough for them as they gazed upon the rising sun.

A small smile spread over his face. This was a moment that he would always treasure. Sitting on the rooftop, watching the sunrise with the person that he loved most. It was an image that he’d never allow himself to forget. Even if everyone else called him crazy.

He knew they existed, regardless of whether or not he’d ever seen them. He could tell from the pulse beating against his wrist. And they cared about him just as much he cared about them.

Nothing else mattered.

– By Jessica