Top 10 Christmas Movies to Watch Again

3-Its-A-Wonderful-Life10. Gremlins
Gremlins is overlooked as a Christmas movie because of the little monsters running around everywhere but the entire film is centered around Christmas and even though it’s kind of dark, it still brings me a little bit of Christmas spirit when I watch it.

9. Fred Claus
Fred Claus is a fairly new Christmas movie but I think it will be a classic. This movie doesn’t revolve around Santa Claus but his brother Fred. I think Vince Vaughn is hilarious as Fred Claus. This is overall a good family Christmas movie.

8. A Charlie Brown Christmas
Not a long movie but more of a TV special, A Charlie Brown Christmas is very funny and I think one of the best Charlie Brown cartoons there is. It also brings back great memories of watching it with my Dad because it’s his favorite Christmas movie.

7. The Polar Express
Robert Zemeckis is a great director and the visuals in this movie are amazing. This was one of the first times I saw an entire motion capture movie. It lends itself well to the Christmas movie genre.

6. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
I love the cartoon Grinch almost as much as the live action Jim Carey Grinch but I think the cartoon is the best. There’s something about the old 60s cartoon and Christmas vibe that it gives off.

5. Christmas Vacation
National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation isn’t really a family movie, although I do watch it with my family now that I’m a bit older. There are so many classic scenes that every time I watch I laugh no matter what. This movie is really sentimental to me and Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

4. A Christmas Carol (1951)
A Christmas Carol starring Alastair Sim from 1951. I’ve only watched this for the last couple years because as a kid I couldn’t sit down and watch the entire movie. The story is classic and I think this is the best out of all the retellings of the story.

3. A Christmas Story
This movie is filled with so many classic lines and scenes and they never get old. Even though it was made in 1983, I still can relate to the little kid trying to convince his parents to buy him a bb gun.

2. Rudolf and the Island of Misfit Toys
This movie was made in 1964 and was a stop motion animation film but it still holds up today. I think because it looks a little dated and old it has a nostalgic feeling.

1. It’s a Wonderful Life
This is my Mom’s favorite. I didn’t watch it until I was a little older but it quickly became one of my favorite Christmas movies and one of my all-time favorite films. I could watch this in color but I think it looks much better in black and white. Jimmy Stewart carries the movie and delivers a great performance. It never gets old and I can only watch it on Christmas eve.

– By Christian