Make Your Own Christmas Swag

A swag is a decorative hanging that many people hang on their doors during the holidays. A swag, or swag wreath, is simply made using thin gauge wire or string and evergreen boughs (branches).

Step 1: Get everything you need together. To begin, you need one three-foot section of bough tip (prettiest part), usually pine or fir; two two-foot sections of tip cedar or variegated cedar, and a single one-foot section of noble fir or holly.



Step 2: Layer the boughs, largest to smallest.


Step 3: Arrange them.


Step 4: Wrap the top of the branches tightly with wire or string, leaving a bit loose for a hanger.


Step 5: Add decorations.


Step 6: Your swag is now ready to enjoy.

Pro tip: spray with water once in a while to increase the life span.

By Peggy Sue