Ask Dr. Salubrious

QUESTION: I am in high school and I know that it’s normal to not know what to do with your life but I seriously do not know what I care about at all. Sometimes I think that I want to do science but sometimes I don’t want to do science at all and I don’t know what matters to me and nobody would understand, not even my mum. They will say I’m craaazy. Am I crazzzy? I’m panickinggg.

ANSWER: Well, well, well, young Wanda, if your mum says you’re crazy, then, well, that’s just mean! And, if there’s one thing that I’ve learned in life, it’s that YOU DO NOT LISTEN TO MEAN PEOPLE. Anyone concerned for your sanity over this, would actually be considered less sane than you. To think being sane means being immune to serious doubt and confusion is a lot more insane than being seriously doubtful and confused, which is in fact a healthy response to the vast array of opportunities that unfold before you in your life. The truth is,Wanda, everyone is confused a lot more than they would like to admit. Basically, don’t panic. Breathe. And if this has not satisfied your craving for assurance of your sanity then by all means, do not hesitate to go out there and talk to someone.
-Dr. Salubrious

(by Ally42)