In Memory of a Lost Planet

I remember red skies and blurred vision
Like looking out a window where tears bombard this rainy day.
It was the end of my world
But somewhere within the broken heart
And scattered debris from years of foundation,
Something as basic as a needle and thread
Could mend the broken pieces a little longer
Until I knew I had to leave to survive.
I built a rocket ship out of the memories
Of all the times that took us higher
And I soon found myself on a crash course in the abyss of the universe;
My doomed destination – A black hole.
Maybe there I could find the secret of time
To bend the laws of reality and have a second chance.
I’d go back and relive every moment
Re-feel every nail in the crucifixion of our romance
Just to know what and if I did anything wrong.
I’m sorry that I’m not as beautiful as Saturn,
That I wrapped myself around you and hung on every word you said
I couldn’t help it, it was like gravity.
But like so many unexpected and unexplained events
Break ups, screw ups, knock ups and turn offs,
I started turning towards a mass of green, black and blue
And away, away from the guesswork of probability and theory
That a black hole could win you back for me.
And I was ready to risk everything for that chance of a fraction of a percent
Until you came. And I want to explore you
Because you are like nothing on Earth.
And it’s been so long that I’ve let people walk all over me
That I just want to leave a footprint on your mind
And ask nothing back in return except
Please remember me…
Because while there are people I want to forget
And faulty kisses I wish to erase, I want to remember you.
I plan on mapping your surface
Trace every crevice and crater of deceit
Because sometimes we believe our love falls out of the sky
In a shower of fleeting kisses, but before it burns out
It can hit close to home and mar us.
Then we ourselves become that alien planet
With basins full of nightmares that overflow and drown us,
I got lost in this depression in outer space
But home is where the heart is
So while mine is a little jetlagged from the voyage, will you take it?

– By Denise Alina