Art Director RPG

A lot of games these days throw around the term “endless customization options” pretty liberally. Cladun X2 also makes that promise, and it’s one of the few games that can actually deliver on it.

Cladun X2 is a retro-inspired hack-n-slash RPG. Players are cast into a series of dungeons, which must be fought through and cleared in order to return to base and unlock the next floor. There are also areas called “Ran-geons”, randomly-generated dungeons with 99 connected floors. Rare loot drops can be more common here, but so can tougher enemies. The combat in the game works very well. Each class of character has its own strengths and weaknesses, and some floors are easier with a bow-wielding ranger than a short-ranged warrior. But where Cladun really shines is in its customization options. When you create a character, you draw their face, their hair, and even their expression when they fall in battle. On top of that, you can draw your own melee weapons, bows, shields, and armour, and apply them over existing weapons to use their stats. You can also apply up to four “titles” to each piece of equipment, affecting their stats. On top of a traditional leveling system, there is an area called the “Magic Circle”, where items can be placed to boost the stats of your main character and companions. Even background music can be created or imported with the built-in music editor.

Cladun X2 is an amazingly versatile game, offering creative players plenty of opportunity to make the game exactly how they’d like. It is available now on PC through Steam, and the PSP.

By Sam