Weird Events Around the World

Racing is a primal action, a drive from our competitive ancestors to be the fastest. To be the best. People have raced since the dawn of time… and only now are things starting to get interesting. Here is a sampling of the wild and crazy races taking place all over the world: from man vs horse, to junker vs junker, to bathtub vs bathtub. So get on your running shoes, scrub out your bathtub, and polish your wheel of cheese, because things are about to get weird.

Bathtub Race

A long time ago a man looked at a bathtub and thought: “I bet I could turn that into a boat and I bet I could race that boat from Nanaimo to Vancouver.” And they did for several years, starting with the inaugural race in 1967. The races have since stopped fi nishing on Kitsilano Beach and instead take a tour around Nanaimo’s harbor and end at Departure Bay. You can catch the 2012 bathtub action on Sunday July 22nd at 11am in Nanaimo Harbour.

Warrior Dash

Warrior Dash is a Viking-style challenge for those wanting to
push their bodies to the limit through x and machismo. If you
thought obstacle courses in the army were tough, you haven’t
seen this one. The course features mud pits, tight ropes, running
across cars and jumping over flaming hurdles. And if you make
it through the 5.32 kilometer course, there’s a gigantic Viking
feast waiting for you, complete with legs of lamb and steins of ale.

The Plymouth-Dakar Challenge

Maybe you’ve heard of the Dakar Rally, an international off road
challenge where contestants drive very expensive, sponsored
SUVs from Paris to Dakar. The Dakar Challenge is not that, but
it’s very close. Contestants drive a similar 5,954KM route, but
they have to do it with a car that cost less than 100 pounds: mere
table scraps compared to the real Dakar rally. Luckily the challenge
is more about the journey, and the race’s founder, Julian Nowill,
encourages the contestants to enjoy the sights more than their
rally times.

Man Vs Horse Marathon
Think you can outrun a horse? What started as a bar bet to
test the mettle of man and beast quickly became an annual event,
starting in 1980. Humans and horses are given a distance of 22
miles to run. The first man didn’t win until 2004, when Huw Lobb
beat the fastest horse by a little more than 2 minutes. He also
claimed a 25,000 pound prize: a jackpot that had been growing
since the race’s inception. The race is held in Llanwrtyd Wells in
Wales every June.

Cheese Wheel Race
If you can beat a horse, surely you can beat a wheel of cheese? You
just toss it down the hill and then chase after it. Simple. It only gets
a one second head start, but it can quickly careen out of control at
a speedy 112km/h. The event, in Gloucestershire England, is more
than two hundred years old and attracts participants from all over
the world. The race is held on the last Monday in May every year at
Cooper’s Hill.

By Robin