Short Fiction: Possession at Coal River

Photo by Laura Baldwinson

Photo by Laura Baldwinson –

“Perry, hurry up we’re going to be late!”

I sighed, then yelled back, “Okay Mom, be down in a bit.” That woman never stopped.

Suddenly, my pocket jumped and bucked and I let out a scream, and
then sighed. I’d been waiting for this call for hours, how could I have
forgotten about it? I fl icked my phone open. “Perralynn speaking.”
Immediately, I was greeted with a voice I knew almost better than my own.

“Where the hell are you?!”

I let out a humoured breath. “I’m going to be there in like,” I glanced
at the clock, “twenty minutes. Relax Ally”. Whenever I told Allison to
calm down she did the opposite.

“You expect me to RELAX! Are you insane? How can I relax on the best night of my life? It’s our prom and remember, the party doesn’t arrive until you do. And I want the party to hurry up and arrive!”

I couldn’t hold back my laughter any longer, my stomach ached and
my eyes watered until finally I was able to mutter, “I think you’re the
insane one.”

Ally interrupted my cackling with an exaggerated breath. “Whatever,
just hurry up already. See you there.”

I didn’t even get the chance to say goodbye when she hung up. Typical Ally. Now to the real problem of the evening: what to wear? I glanced around my room. The walls were plastered with posters; you couldn’t even see the wall. But that was kind of the point, since my room looked like a six year old’s would. It was the brightest pink my mom could find. She wanted her daughter to be a princess but that did not go as planned. I coincidentally hate the colour that surrounds me. Walking over to my closet, I consider what colour I would paint it if Icould, red or green probably. My closet doors shriek when I open them and immediately clothes collapse into my open expecting arms. After shoving them back into the deep abyss that was my closet, I rifled through the hangers looking for something, anything Ally wouldn’t disapprove of. Ally was the definition of beautiful with her gorgeous blue eyes, blond hair and tiny waist and she certainly lived it up with her outfits. She would refuse to wear anything that was too long, too big, too bright or any other imaginary faux pas she could dream up. Her sweet sixteen was going to be the party of the year. Well, in her words it was anyway. After rifl ing through my closet, dresser and all of my drawers, I couldn’t find anything. I launched myself onto my bed and
that’s when I saw it and my heart lifted. The white fabric sticking out
from my suitcase, the dress I had gotten from my vacation to New York. Perfect.

“Oh my god, Perry what are you wearing?”

My face went beet red and I clasped my hands behind my back, and
shrugged. Her eyes raked up and down my body, her mouth hanging ajar. My dress was white and gauzy. It contained a small belt that was bedazzled to the max. A grin crept onto my rosy cheeked face and I rocked back on my heels. “You look fantastic! Oh my god.” her voice pitched higher with each word and ended with a loud squeal. A giggle escaped me and I gave her a hug.

“Well you look amazing yourself. Spin for me”. Ally gave a small twirl
and I noticed the slit trailing up her leg. I gasped, her red sweetheart
dress was already revealing enough. “Your parents let you wear that?” My voice contained the shock that must be showing on my face. She nodded and giggled.

Suddenly, there was an arm threaded through mine and breath on my face. I shot into the air with a surprised yelp. Upon seeing a gorgeous guy staring at me in amusement, my face turned crimson. I tried to calm my heart rate but when the stranger let out a gravelly laugh, it shot back up again. Allison immediately shuffled over and introduced us.
“Perry this is Adrien. Adrien, this is Perry”. I lifted my hand and
gave a half-hearted wave, and he did the same. After talking for a
few minutes, Allison grabbed me and Adrien’s hands and dragged us
towards the door of our school gym.

“Ally where are we going?”

A mischievous grin splayed across her face. “It’s a surprise.”

Soon, we were walking down the school trail toward the river for which our town – Coal River Heights – was named, and also the river where teens drown each summer swimming in the rapids. Soon we were on the river bed with smooth rocks sliding under our feet. Allison slipped out of her heels and went barefoot; the sun was just starting to fade, surrounding us in a dim orange light. “Wow it’s gorgeous.” It came out as more of a sigh than a sentence.

Suddenly Ally took off, her dress flaring out behind her as she dashed across the sand. Seconds later, Adrien took off as well, leaving me behind.
“Hey guys wait up! Hello? Hey guys wait for me.” I started to jog
towards their fading silhouettes. I stopped for a moment to catch my breath when I heard it. A scream that cut across the water and made my skin crawl. Something had happened to Allison. I raced across the sand in my bare feet, stray shells and rocks cut them as I ran but I didn’t care. I followed her footsteps and when I rounded a corner I almost fell over. Allison was hovering over the water, her arms and legs splayed around her. My hand rose to my mouth and I tried to stifle my gasp. Her face held an expression of complete calmness. Suddenly, my legs vanished underneath me and I fell to the ground. Adrien stood over me, smiling with a sardonic twist of his lips. Suddenly, I was moving across the sand, his hand fully encased in my hair. I let out grunts and suppressed screams, tears pouring down my face.
“Adrien what are you doing? What did you do to Allison?” I screamed
it at him but he didn’t even fl inch. Suddenly, his hand jerked out of my hair taking clumps of it with him, and he withdrew a long glistening knife from his Jacket. My lips trembled and I attempted to shuffle away from him. He cocked his head to the side, studying me in my terror, when he suddenly stilled. A sound of agony escaped him as a crimson stain spread through his shirt. He crumpled to his knees and contracted into a small ball not making any more sound. I looked up from his crumpled form and into the tear-filled eyes of my best friend. She looked down to her hand that clutched a rusted metal shaft, dripping blood onto her pale hand. It fell onto the sand with an empty thud.

“He was trying to possess me, Perry. I had to kill him”.

I wasn’t sure she was even talking to me but when she looked up, her face hardened. Then she bent over and grabbed Adrien’s shoulders.

“What are you doing?” My voice was barely a whisper but she answered anyway.

“He can’t be found Perry; they’ll think we murdered him”.

Her words didn’t register, so I asked again.

Allison sighed and turned to me, resignation in her gaze. “I’m getting rid of the evidence.”

The end… or is it?

– By Amy