Fez: A Game Review

Allow me, as a professional, unbiased, reviewer, to express my true sentiment towards Fez. *Ahem* …TURNOFFTHECOMPUTERANDBUYTHISGAMERIGHTNOW!

Ah, there we are.

Fez is a puzzle game, a platformer and an adventure game all put in one concentrated little package. You control Gomez, a little man, who lives in in a two dimensional village. One day, a giant cube appears in the sky and Gomez is whisked away to a shrine where he receives the power to control the third dimension, and a fez. The cube then splits into 32 pieces, which Gomez must now collect by travelling from world to world, collecting cube bits, climbing towers and solving puzzles. Along with the 32 cubes, there are also 32 anti-cubes, along with plenty other collectibles to be discovered across the world.

Fez is always presented in a 2D space, even though all of the levels are 3D. This means that even if a platform is far away from you, you can just rotate the world until you can jump straight across to it. Cube bits are usually tucked into spaces on various planes, so you have to rotate the world to find and collect them. Once you get eight cube bits, it makes a cube. Cubes and anti-cubes are used to open doors, which allow you to progress into what is usually a story-oriented area. Nothing in Fez’s story is presented in a straightforward manner. You find clues about what’s going on with pictures on walls, and through decoding the complex alphabet that the developer has coded most of the game’s text in. Most puzzles break down into finding a combination of controller inputs to enter, or scan a QR code, but there are some even more complex puzzles that really wrack your brain. But this isn’t a game that makes you feel dumb after you solve a puzzle. It makes you feel like a genius.

Fez is available on Xbox Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft points, or ten dollars. Please go back and read the two first sentences of this review again.

– By Sam