Short Fiction: Alyce

Some arguments end in violence, mine ended with my parents dying in a car crash when I was five. I, myself, ended up in a hospital bed with a broken wrist and a black eye.  A nurse had told me my parents had died upon impact. As I lay in the hospital bed my body started to accept the broken heart it carried. When I think about it now it is ridiculous that we were arguing about a stupid birthday party I wanted to go to.
My name is Alyce Rosa Wolfbain, I am seventeen now and an orphan. The argument that I had with my parents keeps running through my head. Though I no longer think of it as an argument, just a conversation.
“Alyce we have said ‘no’ a thousand times,” my mother spoke. “You are spending the next two weeks at your grandparents’.”
“What did I do!? All I want is to go to my friend’s birthday party,” I said.
“Alyce Rosa Wolfbain! You are going and that’s final,” father yelled as he faced me as I sat in the back seat of our 1996 Mercury Grand Marquis.
I remember the loud scream of metal against the concrete barricade. I remember the look in my father’s eyes as he pushed me hard, his last attempt to save me, into the back of the seat. I remember the sirens of the ambulance as I faded in and out of consciousness.   I remember it all.
I have learned from this experience and never will stop learning. I have lost touch with my family. There is one person, in my life that has become my whole family: my boyfriend Kyrone. He is smart, wonderful and talented. We love cuddling and taking naps in the warm sun together. His hair is blonde and mine is light brown. He wears normal clothes, I wear leather. Together we both stand five feet seven inches tall. His eyes are blue and mine are hazel.
My life has taken many turns. Some good and some bad. But I never look at the glass half empty. I never take my life for granted. I look at it as blessing that I am still alive.
I’m an orphan. The truth of these words never gets me down. I let them take me through my life and have learnt from them that I am lucky.

– By Jessica S.