My Little Experience

Last year I would have never imagined myself sitting down with my friends, eating pizza and having a marathon on the incredibly popular television show: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The children’s cartoon that has taken the internet by storm was soon going to take its next victim, with its sight locked dead on me. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect before taking the plunge into the world of ponies. What resulted though wasn’t the emotion of disgust, or embarrassment, but more along the lines of pleasure.

As a rabid internet surfer, when the My Little Pony fan base (also known as Bronies, bro and ponies, get it?) arose from the depths of the internet, many people were skeptical, including me. I was disgusted at the sight of adult males watching a television show aimed towards little girls. Something about it just didn’t sit right with me. I even remember myself stating to my friends, “Make sure I never watch this show…ever.” But that was when one of my friends started to watch the show himself. He was stating how much he enjoyed the animation style, the comedy and the characters. Soon enough, more and more of my friends started to watch the My Little Pony television show until I was one of the only ones who had never seen it before.

Every day they’d tell me, “Cam, go watch it. It’s a lot better than what it looks like from the outside.” To which I reply that I might, one day. Month after month flew by, and I had yet to see even a single episode. One day it was decided, I had to watch this show now. We ordered some pizza and sat on the couch for hours upon end watching nothing but My Little Pony. Over those few hours, I was subjected to songs, cute storylines, bright colours and not to mention loads upon loads of ponies. As those hours flew by, I felt as if I had been absorbed into this child-friendly land of happiness. I played in the fields of Ponyville, I partied at one of Pinkie Pie’s parties, I understood Rainbow Dash’s fear of being imperfect, I cheered on Apple Jack’s determination to win the cider competition and I came to fear the evil supremacy known as Discord. This is when it hit me: I had become a Bronie, the ones I used to despise so much not even a year ago, and here I was, not afraid to admit I had become one of them.

This experience has taught me to keep an open mind to subjects that I don’t know much of or may be uncomfortable with, something we should all learn as a whole. Isn’t it true not to judge a book by its cover? You’ll never know what to expect until you go ahead and try, because if you don’t you’ll miss out on so much. By the end of the day, I had truly come to learn that friendship is magic.

– By Cameron S.